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Raising your vibration is not something that happens once and then you are “done”. Like many other things in our life, our energetic vibration is something we want to take care of and pay attention to daily. Our packages are designed to give you varying levels of support that match your learning style and comfort with self-learning.

Depending on your desire

for one on one guidance and mentoring, there is a package for you.


Energy sessions will involve learning the foundational principles of how energy works and most importantly how to feel energy in your own body.  You will learn what it feels like to have a high energetic vibration and will be given tools to maintain a high vibration. Each energy session will build upon the last to continue to clear energy and create space for new thought patterns. 

Coaching sessions will use the information from the energy sessions and go deeper into action planning.  You will continue to focus how to maintain a high vibration so that when you take action, it is inspired action.  You will make action plans, learn to remove obstacles and learn how to feel when your vibration starts to dip.  You will be amazed at how change happens when your vibration is high! 

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