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Hug a dog

April 21,2020

Doesn’t it feel good to snuggle with a dog? When all around you feels like it’s going mad all you have to do is put your face in the fur of your doggie and all feels like it’s going to be okay. Maybe you get a mouth full of fur or an inadvertent French kiss but that’s a small price to pay for the oxytocin release you get from the snuggle. Yes, I hear you cat lovers---you get the same feeling from snuggling with the kitties if they’ll let you.

Raising your energetic vibration and keeping it raised is the best way to create change in your life. When we are operating at a high vibration we have created space to receive messages to guide us in directions that take us on our journey. We are open to new thoughts and ideas that may not have ever occurred to us if we had stayed operating at lower vibrations. The best way to illustrate this is to think of a time in your life where you were feeling happy, at peace, excited about the future, confident about your decisions and contrast that to a time when you were feeling scared, angry, fearful about the future. Which time was a time of growth?

There are so many ways to raise your vibration in the moment. Hug your pet, your child, your spouse, your friend (when we are allowed to do so), YOURSELF. Sharing a zoom meal, glass of wine, coffee. Exercise and yoga. Listening to your favorite kind of music. Dance. Meditation.

In later blogs we will talk about layering your vibration so you can sustain high energy vibrations and really accelerate change. For now, focus on all of the little things you can do to change your vibration in the moment.

Hug a dog, meditate, share a meal (over Zoom) ----see how it can raise your vibration!

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