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How to Adjust Your Energetic Vibration to Stay Motivated

Life as an adult is not as easy as most of us expected it to be. Alongside the stress of caring for our own minds and bodies, most of us also face the weight of maintaining our businesses, families, and plenty more. Unfortunately, watching our motivation deplete is not uncommon, especially in the modern world that requires us to go, go, go. If you’re feeling stuck with a lengthy to-do list but without the motivation to check off any of the boxes, you’re not alone.

A few months ago, I found myself lying on the couch, day after day, watching my favorite Netflix shows on repeat. Was I bored? I wasn’t. In the back of my mind, I had this, that, and the other to finish if I was going to meet crucial deadlines at work; and I hadn’t forgotten about them. Regardless, I was stuck in a low energetic vibration. I felt sluggish and even had self-doubt that I just couldn’t shake. To make matters worse, I had been consistently criticizing myself for not getting off the sofa and doing anything about it.

We all face challenges like this at one point or another. The reason behind the lack of motivation is the type of energetic vibes that we’re tapping into. The good news is that there are avenues we can take to pull ourselves out of the low-energy ruts that most of us find ourselves in now and again. After all, we all bring high energy and low energy along for the ride we call life, and whichever side we’re feeding is, ultimately, the side that will shine.

To give you some insight into how you can allow yourself to feel motivated to do the many things you want to do for yourself, your business, or even for others, I’ve compiled a few of my favorite tips to help raise your energetic vibration. By incorporating these practices into your daily life, you can begin to feel like yourself again and emit the positive energy you have within.

1. Connect with Your Inner Self

Bonding with your true, authentic self is essential for achieving and sustaining a high energetic vibration. Connecting with yourself can look like anything, from meditating to soaking in your surroundings. Nonetheless, set aside ten minutes every day to spend with only yourself; you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes in feeling whole.

2. Build a Strong Gratitude Practice

Thoughts have a significant impact on our experiences. For immediate relief from a low energetic vibration, change any negative thoughts to point toward something you’re thankful for. Practicing gratitude regularly helps train your mind to enjoy the peace that comes with positivity.

3. Practice Healthy Habits

Caring for yourself physically is equally as important as caring for yourself mentally. That said, things like regular exercise, plenty of quality rest, healthy eating, and ensuring that you’re hydrated can allow more positive energy to flow to you and through you.

4. Find a Hobby that Makes You Happy

Your inner creative side has considerable benefits for boosting overall happiness. And welcoming creativity can help you avoid dwelling on insignificant or negative things. Whether it’s having a daily dance session or setting time aside to paint, doing something you love can instantly boost your energy and help you stay motivated to do all of life's things that might not be as appealing.

Bottom Line

Even when you’re facing a crisis that seems to be dulling every aspect of your life, it’s not impossible to alter your vibration and tap into the inner drive you’ve been missing. You have the potential to live each day at your highest energetic vibration. Motivation begins within; don’t forget to take care of yourself.

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