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Our Approach

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We all have areas of our lives we want to change: relationships, career, wealth, stress, home life, fitness, and the list goes on.  Changing your vibration is the key to changing your life.

What if we told you most people run their energy at 40-50% and to create change in your life it’s best for your energy to be at 65% and above? Our work is focused on helping you raise your energy and find the things that make you happy and fulfilled.


While energy work and coaching can stand alone as life-changing practices, we believe combining the two modalities is far more powerful. The energy healing works with the human energy system and the sub-conscious mind.  The coaching works with the conscious and sub-conscious mind.  The combination accelerates deep and lasting change.


At Woo Woo and the Coach, we teach you about your energy system and how to work with it.  Putting your newfound tools and knowledge into practice right away is important to the process.  To get the most out of energetic vibrational coaching, you need to learn the information, utilize it, learn the next piece, utilize it, and so on.  We call that powerful technique “layering”. 


Giving yourself the permission and time to dive in and deeply absorb the information at a cellular level will feel so powerful. 


Depending on your desire for one on one guidance and mentoring, our packages are designed to give you varying levels of support 

Image by Sean Sinclair
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