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For more than two decades, Joan and Stephanie took a wild ride on the corporate side of life, working for start-ups, Fortune 500 and private-equity-owned companies. They lead hundreds of individuals and multiple teams to reach peak performance while practiced intuitive coaching and teaching.

While they were enjoying success solving problems in corporate America, they became curious about how to harness energy and intuition. They could feel, as most people could, a drop in energy in a meeting, in the board room or during wrangling over a project issue. They wanted to know how to avoid that or, at a minimum, how to be in the lower energy scenario for as little time as possible.

Image by Siora Photography

Their curiosity sent them down a path of studying and learning about energetic vibration, intuition, compassion, and coaching, which brought out their inner “woo woo”.  For over 10 years they have not only studied different modalities of healing and coaching but actively and enthusiastically used in their daily lives.  Being active believers in the power of energy vibration is what ultimately gave them the courage to start their own business.


Woo Woo and the Coach was born out of their enthusiasm to share their awareness and experience with others and help them discover their passions and create their dream lives.

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